Community Development

Community Development


As stated above, in Hemco we are committed to contributing to the comprehensive and sustainable development of the communities where we have a presence. Our contribution has a positive and sustainable impact on the quality of life for residents and their families.

We have developed our community projects with this vision in Bonanza, the center of our mining activity and birthplace of the majority of our workers, benefiting the 15,000 multiethnic inhabitants of this municipality.

Hemco has also played its part in developing the Caribbean Coast, allowing us to have a positive impact on the projects in which we participate both locally and regionally. These projects are framed within the Caribbean Coast Development Plan.

desarrollo comunitarioDesarrollo Comunitario

These are some of the areas in which we are working:

Response to natural disasters

Because of its geographical location, our country is vulnerable to natural disasters, especially the Caribbean Coast. Together with our workers we have responded immediately to these events. We are the first to provide a friendly hand to help mitigate disasters.

Following Hurricane Felix in September 2007, which hit the RAAN hard, Hemco was one of the first companies to support the North Atlantic Regional Government and the municipality of Bonanza.

Hemco chartered the first plane carrying humanitarian aid to the disaster zone. Our aid was channeled through the Bonanza municipal government and canada no prescription viagra was used to provide roofing, food and blankets for the victims. It also supported the reconstruction of roads, bridges and houses. Together with the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) and CARE-Habitat, we also contributed to the construction of 40 houses in Kukalaya, municipality of Bonanza.

In addition, we have helped the Fire Department by financing the reactivation of a tank unit large enough to deal with fires and other eventualities. We also trained 40 people in different techniques of rescue, fighting fires and related events. Disaster simulations were conducted with the participation of the police, army, municipal authorities and our own emergency and rescue brigade.

We exercised this solidarity once again when tropical storm Ida passed in 2009, requiring evacuations and emergency attention to the residents of Bonanza and surrounding areas.

Municipal urban development

Hemco is also supporting the reorientation of public and private investment aimed at obtaining better benefits from the projects implemented in Bonanza. To that end, we are promoting the preparation of a plan to improve and expand urban infrastructure and services, as well as define the municipality’s areas of growth and development.

The aim of the urban development plan is to improve the mobilization of resources for municipal investments and to delineate orderly and sustainable growth of the municipality. The local and regional governments are participating in this effort, following the Caribbean Coast Development Plan’s guidelines.

This plan will promote the area’s development by having a better structured, more orderly development with better access. At the same time the plan will lay the groundwork for development that keeps in mind the population’s current and future needs.

Promotion of sports

The promotion of sports activities for youth is of major importance for a region lacking in options of recreation, relaxation and physical activity. Through Hemco we have supported different sports, especially baseball.

In coordination with the local authorities we are working to improve the Duncan Campbell municipal baseball stadium, which will be the seat of the Atlantic Series in 2010.

Thanks to the effort of the Atlantic Coast Development Secretariat, Hemco became the main private sponsor of the Caribbean Coast baseball team, which after five years of not participating in a national league, took seventh place in the Germán Pomares National Baseball Championship in 2009. In 2010 we expect to be among the first four places.

Education for development

Access to technology and to Internet is necessary for professional development. We are working in coordination with the Bonanza mayor’s office and the Ministry of Education (MINED) to incorporate a required computer course for secondary school students in Bonanza.

To strengthen the capabilities of Bonanza students, we have created a 25-computer lab with Internet access.

A home for Bonanza’s children

To support working mothers who lack daycare for their children, we promoted the remodeling of the Cristina Rugama Child Development Center (CDI), a project that benefits 200 children.

This center has been functioning for almost three decades and is administered by the Pro-Communal Development Committee of Bonanza (CPDC). Currently the center provides full-day care for 25 children and it houses the Flor de Sacuanjoche pre-school with 175 students.

The remodeling covered an area of 3,000 M2 and involved construction of an infant room with space for 16 cribs, a recreation room, kitchen-dining area, 5 new classrooms, 8 bathrooms, an auditorium for educational and cultural activities, administrative offices, storage areas, installation of a drop ceiling, conditioning of green areas, installation of recreational equipment, a water tank with a 2,500-liter capacity and a chain link perimeter fence, among other things.

Bonanza’s children also benefited from the signing of an agreement in which we pledged to make a monthly monetary contribution to the center for food and other expenses.

Desarrollo Comunitario

Desarrollo Comunitraio

Promoting local culture

To foster knowledge and respect for the culture of their ancestors in younger generations, we in Hemco are promoting an initiative aimed at reviving Bonanza’s customs and traditions through dance, painting, literature, music and handicrafts.

With the support of the mayor’s office and the Tangni Asang Multicultural Association, whose Mayangna and Miskitu words mean Flower of the Mountain, we are creating a band of local veteran musicians, who will also train younger members.

We are also planning the creation of a puppet theater for educational and recreational purposes, which will be guided by the primary school teachers and parents who show ability and vocation for this type of teaching.

Best practices in small-scale mining

Small-scale mining is a sector with an important impact on Bonanza’s social and economic life. However, many of the practices these miners use do not guarantee their physical safety or that of the environment. We will improve these areas and strengthen the families involved by providing technical support to increase the small miners’ productivity with feasible projects.

To develop this project we will work with two co-operatives of small-scale miners, known as güiriseros: Small-scale Miners of Bonanza (MINARBON), with 210 members, and the Cooperative of Small Miners (COOPEMIN), with 170 members. The project will strengthen their organizations and promote a better quality of life for the cooperative members and their families.

Plant for small-scale mining

We are building a processing plant exclusively for the mineral extracted by these small-scale miners, which will have the capacity to process 1,800 tons a month, or 60 tons a day.

This plant is being built in partnership with Small Mining Development (DPM), a local small-scale miners organization, and will cover the small-scale mining sector’s processing demand. The investment is more than One Million US Dollars (US$1,000,000).

Desarrollo Comunitariodesarrollo comunitario

Potable water system

Bonanza has a pumping station for potable water that comes from Was Tuna, the first private forest reserve created by Hemco. The goal of this station is to preserve the basin of Río Concha Urrutia.

The water purifying plant is administered by the Municipal Potable Water Enterprise (EMAP), which belongs to the Bonanza municipal government, to which we provide 30 kW of power a month, to help lower the cost of water service to residents.

Energy supply

All members of our Hemco family receive 100 kW free per month. We offer the population of Bonanza 400 kW of energy at very low cost, as established through an agreement with the mayor’s office and the Electrical Energy Services Enterprise (EMSEEL). Our hydroelectric plants, Salto Grande and Siempre Viva, are the only energy sources in this zone.