We began in 1995 as a mining exploration and development company in the municipality of Bonanza, North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAN), Nicaragua.

As of 2010 our group is dedicated to mining, renewable energy, forestry and business process outsourcing (BPO).

During these 15 years we have been strengthening our commitment to sustainable development, which, together with the needs of our communities, has guided us to diversify into areas that provide added value to the future of our country.

Our investments in Nicaragua reaffirm our commitment to the country and its growth. We are investing in areas where Nicaragua offers unique opportunities, always within our vision of sustainable development.

This vision has allowed us to grow and prosper as a strong business group. We are maximizing our benefits and sharing them with our workers, communities and trade partners.

Thanks to this and cheap viagra to the daily efforts of our more than 1,000 workers, we are now the cheapest viagra online 12th largest exporting company in Nicaragua and 99th among the 200 largest companies in Central America and the Caribbean.

In these pages we offer a summary of the path we have taken and our achievements as a true agent of development.